Recording our adventures!

We are stoked to be launching a new part to our site! We are going to begin doing a blog to help keep everyone up to date on all of our adventures and the amazing businesses, couples, and churches that we get the chance work with. I wanted to start our blogs off by sharing with you why we started the business.

This business has been in my heart for the past few years but laying dormant. I have always loved videography and wanted to be able to not only continue getting better at that craft but I also wanted to add value to peoples lives in the process. Out of this desire Beyond The Lens was born.

My wife Jerusha and I have a mission to provide quality videography for business, weddings, churches, documentaries, and short films. That is not the end for us though, on top of doing a tremendous job on our videos, we want to truly add value to your life any way that we can.

So what does that mean? It seems kind of illusive, right? Let me give you an example. In the wedding section of our business we always give the wedding couple a resources (book, dvd, audio) of something that helped kickstart us in our own marriage and really added value to our lives. On top of that we check back in at 6 months and 1 year to check back in with our clients and see where life has taken them thus far.

That really is just a small, small example of what our heart is. We love people, we love video and who says that in the end you can’t go above and beyond to see people’s lives be made better.

Thank so much for reading and we are excited about the updates that we have planned for the blog in the future!

Cody and Jerusha Brown